Exhibit Staff Training

“Seriously Fun” Exhibit Staff Training Through The Hill Group

Where Boothmanship Meets Improv!

What kind of training does your booth staff need to succeed?

  • A pre-show Trade Show Selling Skills Workshop
  • Role-Playing Exercises to practice their new Boothmanship Skills
  • During-the-Show In-Booth Coaching with staff incentive programs
  • Survival Guides, Survival Kits, eBooks and Training Videos

Who says exhibit staff training can’t be FUN?

Candy Admas at a Hill Group Training

Visit The Hill Group’s website at www.hillgroup.com for more information on these and other exhibit staff sales training programs and products. We’d love to work with you to make your exhibit staff more effective and increase the number of qualify leads your staff will collect at your next show!

Contact us for a custom proposal based on your training needs.

You only have ONE chance to make a FIRST impression!