About Candy Adams The Booth Mom

What does a Booth Mom® do?

Guiding Exhibitors through the Trade Show Maze

If I had to pick only one word to describe what I do, it’s “nurture”. Dictionary.com says that nurture has multiple meanings: to feed and protect, to support and encourage, to train and educate.

Those verbs all describe what I do for my clients as a freelance exhibit project manager. On an outsource basis, I guide companies who don’t have a full-time exhibit manager through the process of planning and implementing their exhibit strategy and tactics using industry best practices, and improve their exhibit program’s results (ROI/ROO/ROR) while decreasing costs. And I become part of their marketing “family” as I do it!

So if you need a hand with your exhibit program, you’ve come to the right place – and the right person – The Booth Mom! For over 20 years and over 450 shows, I’ve been helping exhibitors put their best foot forward with personal, customized exhibit project management services. I love being hands-on throughout the planning and implementation stages of a project, but am passionate about making it all come together flawlessly on the show floor, where Murphy’s Law kicks in.

Whether it’s planning your show strategy, honing your key messages, project managing all the details of your show logistics, designing an exhibit, or training your exhibit staff, I’m on hand to help. I promise not to pass you off to junior staff or leave you stranded.

Please don’t let my string of industry certifications scare you away. I earned them so I know what I need to do to provide the best skill set for managing exhibits for my clients. And even though I have the credentials to consult, I won’t work just as a consultant; I don’t just give advice and run away before we make sure we hit the mark on your goals and objectives, producing the results you want.

Let’s figure out what your vision is for your upcoming shows and turn it into reality. No exhibit is too large or too small to do it right the first time. Your company only has one chance to make a first impression. Let me help you make it the best!

What can I do to make your job less stressful, your exhibit investment more productive and your overall exhibit program more effective?