Booth Mom® Testimonial

We have used Candy as our exhibitor webinar speaker for two years now and I’m blown away by the positive feedback from our members. Candy is easy to work with and adaptable to any program. She is a great presenter because she communicates in an easy to understand manner, clearly and concisely. Her knowledge of the trade show industry is helpful to exhibitors of all sizes across all industries. The Booth Mom is a must-have for any exhibitor-education program!

Stacey L. Mills, CMP, CEM
Senior Director, Conference & Trade Show Operations
International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA)

Candy’s second-to-none trade show expertise is the only reason we were able to stay in-budget for one of our largest shows of the year. She handles everything with fantastic attention to detail and always has our company’s best interests in mind.

I’ve been a marcoms manager for over 25 years and have never worked with anyone who has more integrity than Candy; hiring her is one of the best professional decisions I’ve made.

Leah W
Marketing Communications Manager

I’ve been attending webinars for a long time. Yours today was one of the best I’ve seen. I usually feel lucky to have one “gem” – one piece of special extra knowledge – after an hour webinar, and you gave us easily a gem per slide, even though my company been exhibiting at IAAPA for over 10 years! Fortunately, we were already doing many of your recommendations and avoiding many of the mistakes you covered, but your presentation gave me many ideas for how to be even better, more efficient, and cost-effective. Our 2018 IAAPA will be better, thanks to you!

David Green
President, COO
Visual Terrain

You are in such good hands with Booth Mom! We are a start up company and just beginning to dip our toes into the world of trade shows – which can be a bit overwhelming. She has the experience and knowledge of how to get things done right, done on time, and on budget.

She’s also incredibly creative and helped us discover new ways our booth experience could be more impactful and memorable to conference attendees.

Her commitment to success, attention to detail, creative thinking, and positive attitude makes working with her a dream! 

Courtney Hale
Producer of Play
Ziksana Consulting

Candy Adams is a 25-year veteran of trade shows and a legend in the industry. She is a highly-respected coumnist for EXHIBITOR Magazine and a regular Faculty presenter at EXHIBITORLIVE: The Conference for Trade Show and Corporate Event Marketing. Her session – “90 Cost Cutting Tips and Tricks in 90 Minutes” – packs in event marketers from all experience levels. Her tips for working with exhibit staff, senior management, general contractors, show management, even unions will make your program – no matter what size -more productive and less stressful. In short: Nobody in our industry works harder – or shares more — to help exhibitors understand the ins and outs of this crazy game. Do yourself a favor: Check it out.

Lee Knight
EXHIBITORLIVE: The Conference for Tradeshow 
& Event Marketing

Thank you so much! Your class (at EXHIBITORLIVE) was my favorite out of all the classes I took last week – 16 total!

You were entertaining, knowledgeable, interesting, and you were down to earth as a person and teacher. I appreciate all your preparation, time and PDFs; it’s all so helpful.

Cimberlee Foulger
Event Manager
Juniper Systems

Thank you so much for providing all the templates, forms, articles and links!  You are so good to us Exhibit peeps!

I have taken many sessions of your over the years at TS2 and now Exhibitorlive and you are engaging and informational – the perfect combination. 

I love your articles in Exhibitor Magazine as well – a fountain of knowledge!

I hope you survived your long week last week at Exhibitorlive, and I hope we can meet again soon! 

Karen Jensen
Senior Specialist, Tradeshows
Sysmex America, Inc.

I attended one of your (many) sessions at the Exhibitor Live Conference in 2015. I recently took a position that was a big step up in my career. As I prepare for our largest show of the year, I’m constantly referencing many of your hand outs. I greatly appreciate the time and effort it took to put these together as they are a huge help to me and I am confident we will have a successful show.

Lisa M. Doroba
Tradeshow Marketing Manager
Fifth Third Bank

Candy is truly committed to the success of her clients, especially for an international client working on a different time zone. She ensured that every single little detail is take care of – budget and vendor management, troubleshooting issues with cost effective solutions, hospitality management on-site and probably a thousand other little details, and making sure we are fed with homemade cookies. Candy is a fantastic Booth Mom!

Cindy Lim
Manager, Corporate Communications
National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC), Singapore

Candy Adams was fantastic! She took care of every step of the pre-conference preparation stage and almost literally ‘held our hand’ exactly when and where we needed her during the 2015 ALA Midwinter Conference in Chicago, IL. Her attention to detail is amazing, and I would happily recommend her to any first-time exhibitor. With her track record, you simply can’t be wrong, trust me.

Andrei Zakhareuski
Elegant E-Learning, Inc., Founder

Thank you again for such a wonderful class today! I learned more from you today than I’ve learned in my 2.5 years on the job.

Monica Dickerson
Marketing, Events & Trade Show Coordinator
Goodman Manufacturing Company, L.P.

Very nice budget management oversight; very much appreciated for all your personal support, facilitation and extra effort to make the show a success for KAUST and stay under budget.

John Larson
CIO, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Candy Adams is a lifesaver, literally.  Her trade show expertise, drive, intelligence and desire to more than please her clients helps us manage show after successful show.

I’ve worked with Candy Adams for more than five years and wouldn’t participate in a trade show without her.  Her attention to detail and her significant knowledge of the inner-workings of the trade show industry are invaluable to Leap Wireless International, Inc.  She has helped us put our best foot forward at each show and her contributions are always reflected in the return on investment.

Greg Lund
Senior Manager, Corporate Communications,
Leap Wireless Int., Inc./Cricket Communications

Candy is, without question, the most talented and creative trade show consultant I have ever worked with. Her expertise and creativity gave us a ten-fold return on our trade show investment and could not imagine implementing a program without her. She is the expert in her field and it was a privilege to work with her.                                                                       

Bob DeWolfe
Vice President, DB Networks

Candy Adams has worked with the San Diego Supercomputer Center for the past 7 years.  I have personally worked with her for the past three.  From senior management through the hands-on working team, we have found Candy to be invaluable to us through her contacts, industry relationships and intense knowledge of the industry.

Through this level of expertise, Candy has saved SDSC thousands of dollars annually that would not have been possible without her.  She has been a vital partner in delivering a successful exhibiting experience for SDSC year after year.

Susan Rathbun
San Diego Supercomputing Center
University of California San Diego

Candy is a great trainer and mentor! When I was just starting to manage exhibits, we spent 3 months on the road together and she quickly brought me up to speed on the events world. She lives and breathes tradeshows, and knows the ins and outs of everything trade-show related. She brings great value as she can often spot ways to save the company money or increase value. She always has time to help a fellow event marketer and truly loves what she does. And her cookies are amazing!!

Christina Francisco
Event Marketing Ninja at WhiteHat Security

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with our attendees.  When I read the evaluations of your session, it is clear that your skills and knowledge of the trade show industry make you a valuable resource for all who take your sessions. Your interest in helping others had made a big difference for so many people in this industry.  Several attendees have told me how you continue to be in touch with them long after the session – answering their questions and advising them on solutions for their challenges. Your teaching has made a difference in the trade show industry – you are helping so many people to be more knowledgeable and to succeed in their jobs.  Thanks for being on our faculty!

Dee Silfies
Chief Learning Strategist
EXHIBITOR Learning Events

I wouldn’t be an event planner today, a career I love, if it weren’t for Candy. It was her “Trade Show Rookies” and other classes at Exhibitor 1998 that taught me the fundamentals. And having Candy agree to a consulting role where she mentored me through the planning and onsite management of a startup company’s launch event at Internet World 1998 gave me the courage to say yes to the job offer that also launched my career. The event was a huge success thanks to Candy’s support. She is the most knowledgeable, experienced and innovative event planner I know and has an impeccable reputation in the industry. Candy has been my “go to” expert resource over the years and I recommend her without reservation.

Kate Perrie
Event Planner/Marketing Manager

Candy Adams is an outstanding exhibits planner and I could not recommend her enough for a thorough, complete, and on-time exhibit at any major conference.

Dr. Steven Cutchin
Manager, Visualization and Supercomputer Labs
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

I have worked with Candy as a vendor and co-worker for 15 years and she is the most professional, hard-working, thorough person I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She will go the extra mile in everything she does and I highly recommend her.

Ann Fowler
Director of Marketing, Allscripts LLC

I’ve worked with Candy for many years on the technical aspects of visual displays for large exhibits and found her to be the consummate professional.  She’s conscientious in her pre-show preparation and diligent about considering every detail that could affect our client’s show-floor outcomes.  She’s budget-minded, extremely organized, reliable and easy to work with — all which takes the stress out of exhibiting!  I’d hire her again in a heartbeat!

Thomas A. DeFanti
Research Scientist, Qualcomm Institute,
University of California, San Diego (UCSD)

Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Computer
Science, University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)

Candy is the best events person that I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  Not only is Candy a strategic thinker, helping to match the event strategy with the overall marketing strategy, she saves money as she does it!  I have used Candy’s services at several companies.  The most memorable one is where we executed a show strategy that had a direct effect on Intel purchasing the startup company we were working together on for $500m in cash.  Candy is also exceptionally well-networked and can often make miracles happen, sometimes within hours.  There is none better.

Tom Clarkson, Director
Wake Forest University
Babcock Graduate School of Management

Without Candy my success in the industry would not have been possible.  She remains a mentor, teacher, advisor and friend. When I started in the trade show industry in 2003 I had no industry contacts.  Goal number one was to find a mentor to guide me through the process.  Candy was the only person willing to help me.  While others saw me as a potential competitor, Candy saw me as someone with drive and an interest in the industry.  Candy’s guidance and knowledge were the main reason that I was able to build a strong vendor-base and become a longstanding member of the trade show industry. Candy knows the trade show industry like nobody else. If you are seeking a Mentor in the trade show industry and Candy offers, I strongly urge you to accept the opportunity.

Kevin Shaw
Marketing Communications Manager

As a contributing writer for Exhibit City News, and a seasoned corporate trade show manager, I cross paths with a variety of exhibit/trade show professionals. Among the most professional and knowledgeable is Candy Adams. She is a great resource for my articles and I refer her to other writers seeking an expert resource for their trade show-related articles. In addition, I have gained a plethora of knowledge from the articles she writes for our industry’s leading trade publications and the seminars/classes she teaches as part of the CTSM curriculum. If you are looking for a trade show marketing consultant to launch your face-to-face marketing to greater heights, call Candy.

Aleta Walther, APR
Public Relations, Media Relations
Consultant/Freelance Writer at PR Writer Pro   

Candy’s extensive knowledge of the trade show industry is second to none. As a mentor, Candy provided me with more than just in-depth and insightful training, she provided me with the support and encouragement to make my consulting successful.

Matt Kullberg
Show Concepts

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Candy on a local board and have found her to be highly organized, extremely knowledgeable and very professional. Her organizational skills are phenomenal, with immediate follow-ups and quick e-mail responses with to-do lists and appropriate time schedules. It is a real pleasure to work with her.

Bill Papenhagen
CEO Owner,
Dominion Labels and Forms

Candy Adams and Trade Show Consulting have helped a number of our clients create great trade shows. Candy has consistently gone beyond the call of duty, both to make things happen and to save money. Whenever any of our clients needs to put on a seminar or a trade show, I immediately get on the phone to Candy. In the 4 years we have worked together she has never let us down.

John Bromhead, President & CEO
1-for-All Marketing, Inc.

I have had the pleasure of virtually knowing Candy for several years from two industry listserv communities. Candy’s vast knowledge about the trade show and exhibition industries came through loud and clear in each of her posts as she helped to guide other industry peers through unchartered waters when charged with ‘stretching’ their industry reach into new areas. 

Candy has been quoted in many industry publications as an expert and truly knows the ropes of all facets of trade show and exhibitions. She’s also highly regarded by top industry professionals and is loved and revered by her clients!

Gloria Nelson, CSEP, Account Manager
The Meetinghouse Companies, Inc.

I want to provide a reference for Candy Adams’ trade show and event management services.  Candy has worked with me personally on an Executive Lunch Series where we held 20 to 30 events annually at locations in major cities across the country.  Candy is always extremely thorough in her work, often uncovering details that I may have neglected to fully think through.  She is very responsive from both email and phone and she always thinks and acts in terms of the overall goal to deliver an outstanding event instead of just following through on the specific actions I may have given her.

Needless to say, I would highly recommend Candy Adams if I needed help in planning or executing an event.

Allen Schweitzer, Director, Sales Development

Candy has been an exceptional resource and partner for the Wi-Fi Alliance’s tradeshow efforts since 2000.  I am consistently amazed at how much I learn from her each year.  Her experience with tradeshows is greatly valued and we know that we can count on her to make sure we have great exhibits and vendors who can get the job done with innovative ideas.

Krista Ford, MarCom Manager
Wi-Fi Alliance

Candy is a delight to work with.  Very organized and thorough.  Every event she handles for us is detailed in a show plan that makes everyone’s job easier.  She is very easy to reach and her industry knowledge saves us a ton of time.

Ray Fulks, Director,
NA Channel Development

Candy is the most knowledgeable and competent trade show manager I know. She provides a turnkey service–soup to nuts–from planning to running the floor. She’s also a wonderfully warm and effusive person, making the whole experience fun. Widely known in every major city’s show circuit by the union laborers, and her cookies, she even has them eating out of her hands, literally! Hire her if you need to do a show.

Ken Liu
V.P. Sales & Marketing at FP Complete

I had the pleasure of working with Candy at IPivot, then Intel after the acquisition, wherein she managed all of the industry shows we attended for the channel business. Candy’s professional knowledge and attention to detail is unsurpassed, I found myself constantly in awe of how much work she can get done without missing a beat or letting any balls drop. She IS the “Booth Mom” and I would highly recommend her for expertly managing any tradeshow projects to any size organization large or small.

Angela Smith

We absolutely without a doubt in my mind could not have done this project with so much ease without our “Booth Mom”! Thank you so much for working so hard, being so committed to excellence and for just being our caretaker.

Stephanie Hagstrom, CMP, Consultant
San Diego SuperComputer Center

In the various new portfolios (for the CTSM designation) that we have reviewed this year, the most frequently referenced seminar (at Exhibitor Show) that candidates have put to use in their programs to make improvements is Candy’s all-day workshop for rookies. Thanks for doing such a great job in presenting the basics of trade show management to our candidates!

Jan Nelson, CTSM
CTSM Executive Director

From the minute the intimidating show guide arrives in the mail, a trade show can be overwhelming for both the uninitiated and the seasoned show veteran. Thankfully, Candy Adams has led me through many “show binders” and beyond to great success, exceptional show floor visibility, and post-show returns on our corporate investments.

Nancy Mumford
Altris Software

I have worked with Candy Adams since 2002 in conjunction with our annual trade show.  Candy is above and beyond one of the most qualified and professional individuals I have ever worked with.  Candy is reliable, resourceful, ambitious, and well-organized.  We have a very small staff and Candy is invaluable to me and our event!  I highly recommend Ms. Adams.

Vicki Meadows, Dir. of Gaming Industry Relations
California Nations Indian Gaming Association

Using the knowledge that I gained in Candy’s seminars I was able to save our company almost 50%. This is no small number when you have a seven figure budget!

Jerry Budge
Product Manager

Candy Adams made light work of a truly daunting task, and created the kind of momentum seen rarely in this business. She is a dynamic lead, and motivated everyone around her toward the common goal. The results were fantastic.

Dr. Bill Bailey
SummerFest Board President

Thank you for giving us “newbies” all of the important information in exhibiting at trade shows. I went back to my office this morning and started to go through my trade show manuals. The forms made much more sense to me now. You did such a terrific job in presenting your material that I cannot express what a joy it was for me to attend the conference.

Carla Du Bois
RMI Corporation
Seminar Attendee